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Pricing starts at $249
The DO's and DONT's of the portrait session


DO tell the kids I'm coming over to play, not take pictures. My goal is to create a fun and comfortable environment for your children so that they can be themselves. The goal is to capture their personalities and energy in the portraits. Creating a fun activity for everyone to interact is a great way to get amazing images.


DO relax and enjoy yourself and your family during the shoot.


DO ask questions.


DON'T tell them to smile. Why? Because when you tell kids to smile it is nothing like their true smile. It is a posed smile they think they are supposed to make when someone takes their picture and the best pictures are of our real emotions.


DON'T wear any clothing with writing or logos. Keep is simple. Basic solid colors and jeans or something similar is fine.


DON'T pay attention to the camera. The pictures you are going to love the most are going to be the candid shots that you didn't realize I took.



Tel 415.347.6052

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